Viscose guide

Viscose guide

Viscose styles are soft and feels very comfortable against the skin. Therefore, it is most likely that one of your next wardrobe-updates will include a viscose blouse or dress.  

Did you know that viscose loses up to 50% of its strength when the fabric is wet and must not be soaked. Be extra careful when pulling and twisting viscose styles. In addition, be sure not to wash viscose at too high temperatures. Wash by gentle machine wash and treat the clothes likewise. 

Also, be aware that viscose can shrink many centimeters after being washed. Most centimeters come back when you iron the shape back or use the item. The heat from the iron and the body causes the viscose to stretch. However, viscose generally shrinks a bit which is why we recommend avoiding buying clothes that are too small.

Finally, remember that it is always a good idea to wash and iron your clothes inside out so that you do not damage the surfaces. Enjoy your next, new viscose style.

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